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About us

Daniel Noce and Ramona Nita are among the most experienced and skilled tango couples based in the United States, most known for their professional and top quality instruction and performances of the Argentine tango. They reveal a dynamic performance style, as well as the chemistry and sensuality that captivate audiences. With a wide range of knowledge and experience, Daniel and Ramona teach traditional salon style tango milonga, vals as well as choreographed tango for stage performance. Their profound knowledge of technique and movement, stemming from a lifetime of professional dance training, performance experience, and dedication to their craft gives this couple the essential ability to teach their students the fundamental as well as the more advanced techniques of tango.

Daniel and Ramona teach classes together, giving students the advantage of learning from two professionals detailed movements from the point of view of both leader and follower, maximizing the student’s learning experience so that they get the most out of their lessons. Their expertise and proven teaching methodology guarantees that their students progress as rapidly as possible.

Their Friday night milongas (tango party) is a popular tango venue in Chicago and the midwest dedicated to the traditional style. Dancers come to enjoy the genuine Buenos Aires feel, the cozy and friendly atmosphere, as well as the best traditional tango music by expert tango DJ, Carlos Favre.

In addition to teaching and performing the Argentine tango throughout Chicago, the United States and Internationally, Daniel and Ramona are valued members of the Otero Dance Company, based in Los Angeles, which tours the U.S. with the “Rhythm and Passion” show. In addition to performing, teaching and hosting milongas, Daniel and Ramona also produce their own shows occasionally and host guest instructor workshops by internationally renown native Argentinian tango teachers.

Daniel Noce, native Argentinian and officially trained, is considered one of the most experienced and respected tango artists and instructors of his time. His professional tango career began in Buenos Aires in the early 1990s,. He holds a bachelor degree from the “Instituto Nacional de Profesores de Folklore” where he received his degree for professor of native Argentinian dances, including tango. He was a company member of the Ballet of the University of Buenos Aires, which preformed concert folklore dance around the world. He further developed his tango skills through notorious pioneers of tango, including Rodolfo Dinzel, Carlos Copes, Carlos Rivarola and others. During his career Daniel shared the stage with many of the most notorious tango artists and musicians of the time and was featured in the most prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires performing alongside a very select few colleagues and among the first to initiate the tango activity that has expanded worldwide over the years.

Ramona’s elegant and sensual style stems from intense and extensive training in modern dance, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics from early childhood through her late teen years. Granted a dance scholarship at the Joel Hall Dance Center at the age of 12. her professional dance career began at an early age. At 16 she became a member of the Joel Hall Dance Company. Ramona went on to college to study business and foreign languagess. She also studied and worked abroad extensively. Her dance interests shifted toward Latin and ballroom styles, which she performed professionally and instructed for a few years before she met her partner, Daniel Noce, who introduced her to the Argentine tango in 2005. From then on, Ramona began to focus her dance career on this particular dance, working with Daniel and with her own innate artistic and acrobatic talents and vision to create the strong and complementary partnership they emanate today.


Erika G. | Chicago, IL | Elite ’14
"The owners/instructors/milonga hosts: Daniel Noce & Ramona Nita. Friendly, welcoming, smiling, passionate about Argentine Tango, SEXY! I hope to spend many happy hours on their dance floor pulling out all the Tango instruction that I KNOW I've taken, but is lodged in my brain, dusty from disuse. I was happy to have my silver sequin dance shoes back on my feet, even if I was stumbling a bit."

Nikolaya K. | Lyons, IL
"Not only is this a great place to learn the Argentine tango with the best teachers in Chicago, but for those looking for a venue for a smaller wedding reception or private party, Tango Che is a wonderful and affordable option. In fact, why not have a Tango themed wedding?"

Eric W. | The Loop, Chicago, IL
"Our wedding was in ten days and my fiancee and I needed a crash course for our first dance. We were able to book four private lessons at Tango Che. Let me also state that we are NOT good dancers.

Ramona and Daniel were tremendous teachers. They laughed with us, encouraged us, and provided us with a simple, yet fun, routine. Once the wedding dust settles we plan on taking up the tango. We will certainly be back to see the fine folks at Tango Che!"